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There Will Be No 2020 Tours

The following tour is available
throughout the season
May 18 to August 31

See tours listed below.

Chaplin Lake Tour:

  • Half hour tour for $10 per person with a $20 minimum.
  • Two hour tour for $20 per person, with a $45 minimum.

We use the dike roads that Saskatchewan Minerals provide, thus you get very close to the birds. (This is private property, open only to Sask. Minerals and Chaplin tourism.)

Expect to see a variety of shorebirds including the endangered piping plover. This lake has a story to tell about shorebirds but also a story about the Sodium Sulphate Mine and the Brine Shrimp Industry.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our air-conditioned tours.

Tours are also available upon request, and may be custom designed to suit your personal/group needs.

Be sure to check out the
scheduled tours listed below.

Scheduled tours are listed below.

Fill in the form or contact us
to make tour reservations:
Chaplin Nature Centre: 306-395-2770
Local: (306)-395-2223
Fax: (306)-395-2765

Mailing Address: Box 57, Chaplin,
Saskatchewan, S0V 0V0

Tours for the 2019 season:
Available upon request
for groups of over 5
with 3 days prior notice.

Besant Park and Prairie Potholes through the Missouri Coteau

Start time 9 a.m. Return 3p.m.

This tour will travel the back roads through the Missouri Coteau to a well treed park with a creek
flowing through. This is an excellent birding area. Expect to see abundant waterfowl, prairie birds,
raptors,flycatchers, warblers and with any luck long billed curlew.

Missouri Coteau and Ducks Unlimited Site.

Start Time - 9 a.m. - Return - 3 p.m.

This trip will cover some 100 miles of prairie landscape through the Missouri Coteau prairie potholes. The Ducks Unlimited site is where we will spend a big part of the day. This area offers 3-dammed areas some 6 miles long with each area having different water levels. This makes for a wide selection of species. Expect to see large selection of waterfowl, bittern, herons, shorebirds including black neck stilts and black-bellied plovers. Throughout the day we will also see many prairie birds.



You should bring insect spray, hiking boots, jackets, binoculars and scopes.
We will supply transportation, bagged lunch, water, juices and tour guide.

Cost is $40 per person
12 people maximum

Register using form above, or phone 306-395-2277, 395-2770

Maps for self guided tours are available at Chaplin Nature Centre.

In the event of poor weather the tours may not be exactly as described.